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Birthstones By Month | Find Your Birthstone by Month?

Birthstone is the Lucky Gemstone based on the Month of Birth of the Person. Each Month belongs to a particular zodiac and the people born in the particular month possesses traits belonging to the respective Zodiac. Birthstone is advised based on these traits that are controlled by the Zodiac Sign. Wearing Birthstone helps to attain Balance and Success in Life. It brings good luck and prosperity.

Who can wear a Birthstone?

Everyone can wear their Birthstone for Good Luck, Prosperity and Success. Birthstones do not have any side-effects.

How to Select Birthstone?

There is multiple Birthstone for each month. For Example, People born in June can wear Pearl or Alexander. It’s your personal choice to choose one among them or you can incorporate both of them in your life.

What is the Procedure to Wear Birthstone?

  1. Birthstone should be ideally worn in Ring or Pendant. It can also be worn as Bracelet or armlet.
  2. They can be set in Gold, Silver or Metal. The Birthstone should be worn in polished form.
  3. For maximum effect, It should not have a hole or irregular surface It should be un-drilled.
  4. Birthstones can be worn on any day. However, they are preferable days to start wearing them based on the colour. Below is the chart for reference

Colour of Birthstone

Preferred Day to Start Wearing


Monday, Friday

Red, Orange

Tuesday, Sunday





Colorless, Transparent, Pink, Multi-Color


Blue, Black, Brown, Grey, Violet, Indigo, Purple


January:GarnetThis red gem symbolizes trust; compassion and loyalty are its wearer’s generic features. It is the stone of revival and inspiration, used to cure various blood-related illnesses and are said to put a balance to one’s mind. Irrfan Khan, a famous Indian actor is spotted wearing his birthstone.
February:AmethystThe emblem of unbreakable relations and valor, this purple gem portrays serenity, moderation, and nobility. It fosters self-control and improves the love bonds. This is said to possess the power to channelize energy, calm the diverging mind and diffuse positivity. The famed singer Rihanna is seen wearing this gem.
March:AquamarineJust like the zodiac of the month, this is an aqua-blue gemstone that is related to sound-health, love, desire, and youth. It enhances the joy and fortitude, and calm the spirit of the wearer. Impels the immune system and controls growth; releases bad energy and clarifies the thinking.
April:DiamondThis birthstone showcases ever-lasting and real affection, power, and love. It is the mark of spreading light and control over the mind, like a positive energy amplifier and sort-out thoughts in the mind. Gal Gadot or wonder woman has been seen starring this gemstone at an event.
May:EmeraldAlways related to birth, love, and fecundity, it fosters good luck and truthfulness. The green gem is said to cure contagious diseases, calms and enhances the vision. People who wear these are said to be healers of their surroundings. Anushka Sharma has been spotted wearing emerald jewelry.
June:PearlThis gem has always been associated with affection, purity, and chastity. It tends to bring out the persona of a person like self-respect, knowledge, stableness, and morality. Healing properties of the pearl include de-stressing, reducing headaches, and tiredness, and avoids heart problems.
July:RubyThe bearers to this have an endless blaze and promote peace and transit energy to the surroundings. It resists self-defeating behavior and keeps them from evil. It detoxifies the blood and body, it secures a peaceful life.
August:PeridotThe calming yellow shade of this gem provides happiness essential for building strong bonds, remove rage and envy. It might help in enhancing levels of conviction, tolerance, and confidence. This had a beneficial impact on the skin and immune system of the body and is ideal to wear for a stressful period.
September:SapphireIt is also called as the ‘wisdom stone’ because it established physical, emotional and spiritual balance in the wearer’s life. These are used to cure cellular and blood maladies and regulate the nodes.
OctoberOpalThe gem brings out creativity and inspiration from the bearer. People born here tend to be the wall-flower, and opal gave them the confidence to stand out courageously. They treat infective fevers and clean the blood, and are very stimulating for women who are expecting a child.
NovemberCitrineIt infuses a strong sense of compassion and affection, generosity and affinity, and promotes forgiveness. It embodies peace and deters negative flow and infuses an abundance of practicality. Wearing this brings out harmony by decreasing stress and tension.
December:TurquoiseIt is also called as the ‘stone of heaven’ and is a sign of best fortune and prosperity; it relaxes the mind and safeguards the wearer from any harm by absorbing negative energy. It symbolizes truth and knowledge; it controls the process of remaking of tissues and functioning of the immune system. Actor Salman Khan is famous for his bracelet.


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