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Emerald (panna Stone) price

How to choose high-quality Emerald (Panna Stone)

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Emerald Stone is a green colour precious gemstone which affects us in many ways. In Vedic astrology, it is the most reputed gemstone and it was worn to achieve success in business and career. It enhances the creative and intellectual power of a native. Emerald stone is a fairly expensive gemstone which always remains in demand in national and international…

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Emerald Stone Benefits

6 Superpowers of wearing an Emerald Stone

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Emerald Stone is the beautiful and stunning gemstone and it is among the top three colored stones in the universe. Rubies and sapphire are also counted in top three colored gemstones list. This stone is a derivative of beryl and Beryl is a mineral which blends of aluminum and beryllium. It gives bluish-green hue to the stone in the world…

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best quality emerald stone price

Observe following for High-Quality Emerald Gemstones

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Are you thinking of purchasing a pure and high-quality gemstone for yourself? In order to buy the right kind few things should always be kept in mind and it is also necessary to follow a few measures so that you are not cheated. Panna stones are costly and few cases manipulation may be done by simply offering you low-quality stones…

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Frequently asked questions about Emerald (Panna) Stone?

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What is Emerald meaning in Hindi? Emerald is the Precious Green variety of Mineral Beryl. Emerald is Birthstone for May born.  Emerald hardness is 7.50 – 8.00 on Moh’s scale of Hardness. Emerald is called ‘Panna’ in Hindi. Emerald is liked and loved for its pure Green Color. What are Emerald Benefits in astrology? Emerald is one of the important…

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Emerald (Panna Stone) – Facts, Properties & Benefits

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Before knowing the Benefits and Procedure of wearing Emerald for Astrology, Let us know some Facts about Emerald Stone. Scientific facts about Emeralds Emerald stone is called ‘Panna’ in Hindi. It belongs to Beryl Species, a mineral species that also includes Aquamarine, Morganite as well as beryls in other colors. Emerald’s Color ranges from Pure Green to Greenish Blue. Emeralds are…

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