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opal stone price in delhi

How To Pick The Perfect Opal Engagement Ring Stones

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What is an Opal? Opal is a precious stone which was first found on the riverside of Australia in 1877. This stones comes in and many colors, the common color available in the market is white or cream. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful gemstones. Opal is usually given to couples to mark their 14th anniversary.…

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Best Quality Opal Stone Price

How to identify high-quality Opal stone and its Price?

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Opal is the stone of fire which brings happiness and love into your life. It is the most colourful stone among all the gemstones. Opal means Opallios in Greek language and it means to perceive a change in colour. If you love colours and want to take some astrological benefits from them then you must try Opal gemstone. According to…

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Opal stone benefits

Frequently Asked Questions about Opal Gemstone

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What is Opal Gemstone? Opal stone is a very attractive Gemstone. Opal has suddenly become very popular and desirable due to its beauty and ‘play of color’ (Fire) effect. Opal is Birthstone of October month. Opal along with Diamond is very effective astrological gemstone for Venus (Shukra) Planet. Opal is Birthstone of which month? Opal is birth stone of October…

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Best stone for Shukra ( Venus ) Planet…Diamond, White Sapphire or Opal

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Which is the best stone for Shukra (Venus) Planet?…Diamond, White Sapphire or Opal Stone. Each Planet of the planetary system is designated with a Planetary Stone. For Example, Blue Sapphire for Saturn, Ruby for Sun, Pearl for Moon, Emerald for Mercury and so on. Similarly, Venus (Shukra) is also designated with its Planetary Stone. But there is an exception to…

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