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How To Pick The Perfect Opal Engagement Ring Stones

What is an Opal?

Opal is a precious stone which was first found on the riverside of Australia in 1877. This stones comes in and many colors, the common color available in the market is white or cream. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful gemstones. Opal is usually given to couples to mark their 14th anniversary. The reason behind the beauty of this stone is the play of colors it shows when contacted with light. And it is because of this reason it is called precious opal. At current times Australia is considered to be the biggest market of natural opal.

Opal Types and Value

Opal comes in many types which are as follows:

  • Natural opal

These are the opals which are untouched by mankind. They are further classified based on skin tone which is the color of the opal and its transparency which varies from being opaque to transparent. Here are the types of natural opal gemstones with their images.


Andamooka opalAustralian fire opalDark Opal
Boulder opalmatrix opals
  • Triplet Opal

    When natural opal is infused with quartz and is made thinner, it is called triplet opal

  • Doublet Opal
    • Doublet opals are natural opals glued to strong backs such as iron. these are thinner than the natural opal.

Opal Stone prices

Opal prices can vary for different types. It depends upon various factors like origin, the play of colors, skin tone, transparency, etc. If Indian markets are considered then opal stone price start from ₹250 up to ₹5000. Thus, if you can decide the parameters you will be finding the opal stone in this range. Just make sure that you do not get confuse original opal stone with another because of this variety.

Quality Factors for Opal Engagement Ring Stones-

  • Play of Colour

The play of colors is referred to as the change of colors that keep happening in these stones. It is a scientific phenomenon which makes this play happen. Opal is formed of Silica. These silica elements form microscopic spheres in the stone. When the light gets reflected from these spheres, it shows various colors. This can be considered similar to the prismatic effect as well. This reflection of light makes Opal a beautiful stone.

  • Shape appeal

Not only colors but Opals are present in various sizes and shapes as well. Even though you can find two stones that look alike, you will never find two opals that look alike. The mystical look of soft, blazing fire caught within translucent colors, makes opal the most unique choice for rings.

Since Opal rings are selected for special occasions like engagements, they are cut into round or oval shapes that are symmetrical and have smooth domes.

  • Thickness

Thinner opals may appear see-through to the viewer’s eyes. Therefore, jewelry stores often display them on black velvet. Ideally, an opal’s thickness, the color should be translucent enough that the wearer’s skin doesn’t show through.

Style Choices for Your Opal Engagement Ring

Ring designs inspired by nature can be a beautiful way to carry an opal or present it for engagement. Black opal stone or black fire opals are very rare and they are sure to make a distinctive and whimsical engagement ring.

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