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Benefits of wearing emerald stone

Emerald Gemstone: The importance and significance (How to wear)

The sparkling and glittering green colour of the Emerald gemstone can instantly make anyone fall in love with its charming and attractive looks. What is icing on top is that the Emerald is considered to be one of the most important and influential gemstones in the Indian astrology.

The gemstone is not only famous and loved for its gorgeous and sparkling looks, but at the same time it is beneficial and brings along with it the benefits of a Greek goddess. The Greek goddess is said to be the represent or of the most beautiful feelings, beauty and love in life. Perhaps this could be the reason why this gemstone is also called as the “gemstone for successful love”.

However, the benefits of emerald gemstone doesn’t just restrict in providing successful love, it has many other amazing benefits too. That is why this is the gemstone that is most dear and special to mankind since ages.

The Appearance of the Emerald Gemstone:

As known, the sparking and twinkling green colour of this gemstone can attract the attention of everyone and is one of the most precious gemstones amongst others. An emerald is constituted by the trace amounts of chromium and often a times vanadium as well. Most of the emerald variety is known for its toughness and are known for the unbreakable resistance quality. Generally, an emerald beryl will have the hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the scale of Mohs.

Mercury is the ruling planet:

The emerald gemstone or “Panna” as it is more commonly known in Hindi is the gemstone that is said to be representing the planet of Mercury as per the beliefs of astrology. The gemstone of emerald is said to be having the divine properties of the planet of Mercury which is symbolic of blessing the wearer with great communication, sharp intellect and creativity.

It is believed that wearing this gemstone can help the wearer with a great mind, sharp intellect and will help the wearer to make progressions in life wherever wanted. It is beneficial for even those who are seeking to make a mark in creative fields such as writing, education and even business. Needless to say, that almost every businessman, student, writer and artist is suggested to wear this stone to yield maximum results and benefits. But, before following the proper ritual of wearing this gemstone, this is useless and will have no significant benefits in the life of the wearer. Therefore, we are sharing the guided method to wear “panna” or emerald gemstone:

How and when to wear the Emerald Gemstone?

  • Before buying or wearing this gemstone, one of the basic steps is to first consult a renowned astrologer or the one who has expertise in the matter of gemmology. This will help you to know if you will be benefitted by wearing this gemstone or not? And also, if there is any side effects of this gemstone as per your horoscope.
  • After carefully examining the horoscope, the astrologer will suggest the weight of the gemstone and if wearing panna will be beneficial for you.
  • Though your consulted astrologer will guide you with the right time and day of wearing a panna, an emerald or panna usually should always be worn on a Wednesday morning of Shukla paksha to yield the maximum results.
  • Before making a purchase of the gemstone, make sure that it is free of any cracks and no lines are formed inside the stone for assuring the best quality to have the best results.

The procedure of wearing an Emerald:

  • As per the astrological beliefs, the emerald should always be worn in the little finger of the right hand. However, if it is being worn by a woman, she can wear it in her left hand too.
  • The night before wearing the Emerald, the gemstone must be dipped in a mixture of honey, curd, milk, pure desi ghee and sugar (panchamrit), to yield the maximum benefits out of it. Also, it will be helpful in cleansing the impurities and negative energies in the stone, if any.
  • On the morning of wearing this stone, sit in the east direction, place a clean cloth on the carpet and take the bowl of your ring and chant the following mantra 108 times to get best results, “Om Bum BudhayeNamahaAum”.
  • Now, finally wear the ring after following the above procedure and you will start witnessing and experiencing its magical benefits in just a couple of months.

The benefits (astrological) of wearing the Emerald gemstone:

  • One of the biggest benefits of wearing a Panna or an emerald is that, that the wearer can visible notice a spurt in the artistic talents, creativity, the ability to communicate and ideate the thoughts in a more better way.
  • It will also benefit the wearer by providing him a high intellect power and the ability to rationalize and dissect the reality in a profound and distinctive way than others.
  • It is a therapeutic and most beneficial gemstone especially for the ones who are facing struggle and issues with the ability to focus and concentrate in a long run. It will also benefit the people who are lacking the decision making ability and the ones who cannot stay stable and stick to one particular situation and decision in life.
  • This stone is influenced by the divine and positive powers and vibrations of the planet Mercury, which is known to be a planet of wit and name. Therefore, if an individual wears this gemstone, he/she can beget the name and fame in the desired direction in which they are making efforts and putting hard work in.
  • The gemstone of emerald has the power to heal a person who is suffering from the problem of clear speech and the ones who stammers in representing their ideas and thoughts in action.
  • Many individuals who were in the field of astrology, healing, psychology, practitioners and divine art professionals have benefitted a lot by getting the desired name and fame by wearing the gemstone of emerald.
  • An emerald gemstone is also capable of providing the wearer an emotional stability and strength to face difficult and traumatised times. Therefore, it is also suggested to people who are struggling in life and the ones who are going through a tough time in life.
  • However, it is always advisable to consult an astrologer to know the positive and negative effects of this gemstone in your life as per your horoscope, to avoid any trouble and difficulty in the future.
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