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Gemstones act like guiding light and lucky charm. Gemstones can provide Good luck, Protection, Success and Prosperity. Childhood years are formative years of one’s Life. The Education, Profession, Interests, Behavior and overall Personality of a Person is largely based on childhood years.

A Childhood enriched with good luck drives the person in the correct direction, right from the beginning. Gemstones provide great help in providing a healthy childhood. Gemstones give Good Luck for excelling in life and offers protection against Diseases and Bad influences.

Gemstones can be chosen as per the requirement of the child. For Example, the child lacking interest in studies, or a child harboring bad company and bad habits should be made to wear gemstone as per the respective need.

Do we need to consult Horoscope to decide gemstone for the Child?
No. Gemstones for Children are chosen carefully. Only those gemstones are prescribed for children, which does not have any side-effect. People of all age groups can wear these Gemstones though. These stones are categorized as ‘Healing Stones’. These Healing stones are NOT prescribed on the basis of position of Planets in horoscope. These are based on the requirement of the Child. Hence, These stones can be easily worn without consulting the Horoscope. These are 100% Safe and Effective.

What weight of gemstone children should wear?
The Most popular size for gemstone is between 5 carat to 15 carat. All the Gemstones, which are prescribed for Children do not have any ill effects and therefore can be worn in even bigger sizes.

Should these Gemstones be worn on a particular Day?
No. These healing Stones, which are prescribed for children are not Planetary Stones. Only Planetary stones are worn on specific weekdays. They can be worn on any day of the week.

How Should Children wear the Gemstone?
Children can wear gemstones Pendant in a string or chain. This is more convenient as children tend to lose gemstone if they wear it as ring. Additionally, Wearing stone in pendant is more comfortable for children.

In which metal should these Gemstones be worn?

These Healing stones work fine with all kinds of metal. Silver is most preferred. Gold, Copper and other alloys can also be used to wear these stones.

Below is the list of Gemstones as per the requirement of the Child:

1. Gemstone for better Studies and Concentration

Children who lack Concentration and focus in Studies can wear Tiger’s Eye stone. Tiger’s Eye stone helps the child in excelling in Studies as well as sports. Tiger Eye stone helps in learning things faster. It helps in studying for longer hours and to retain the knowledge, which is gained during study. It boosts confidence also. Tiger eye stone can be worn in Silver Pendant.

2. Gemstone for Good Physical and Mental Health

Most of the Children suffer from frequent illness due to un-healthy eating habits, Pollution, Genetics, lack of immunity etc. Obesity, skinniness, weak Eyesight, Bad Memory, frequent infections and fevers can be avoided by wearing Rainbow Moonstone.

3. Gemstone for Lack of Confidence, Stammering & Stuttering, Stage fright or Public Speaking

Children are prone to suffer from lack of Confidence. Stammering and Stuttering are result of ingrained Fear and lack of confidence in a child since the early years. Stage Fright and fear of Public speaking must be treated in time; else it may impact the whole life of the child. Making the child wear Natural Citrine stone can cure the problems related to confidence of a child. This Yellow Colored Transparent stone has powers to boost confidence of the child and let him enjoy his childhood.

4. Gemstone for Busting Addictions, Bad habits, Bad Company and ill-Behavior

Children fall prey to bad habits easily. Even children studying at school level indulge in bad habits like Smoking, Drugs, watching or reading indecent content and Sexual activities. Children should be saved from such bad habits. Addiction for Internet, Video Games or Mobile phones has reached new heights among youngsters, impacting their Physical, Mental and Intellectual Growth. Gemstone can cure such bad habits and behavioral problem. Making child wear a Natural Turquoise stone can help the child to overcome such addictions and hazards. This Blue colored stone is a lucky charm too. The Hindi name of this stone is ‘Feroza’.

5. Gemstone for curing Depression and Anxiety and removing Bad memories of Past in Children

A child’s childhood get ruined if he suffers depression or anxiety. Such children lose the desire to enjoy life or follow any passion, ambition or target in Life. Undesirable and Unfortunate incidents witnessed in early childhood can alter the life of an individual. Making the Child wear Natural Malachite stone helps the child in overcoming Depression, bad memories and bad Past. This green Colored stone is also called Kidney stone. This stone is called ‘Dana-e-Firang’ or ‘Dana-Firang’ in Hindi.

6. Gemstone for curing Bed-wetting

Natural Rose quartz helps to cure Bed-wetting habit in children. Make the child wear Rose quartzstone Pendant. This is a light Rose-pink colored stone. In Hindi, this stone is called ‘Gulabi- sphatik’. This stone is also good for healthy skin. The Stone helps in getting positive popularity among Family, Relatives and Peers.

7. Gemstones for Protection against Evil Eyes and Nightmares

Make child wear Natural Amber stone to protect him against evil eyes. This miraculous stone is also good for health of the child. Weak health, frequent injuries or falling ill frequently is a sign of Evil Eye influence.

8. Gemstone for Excelling in Arts and Sports

Natural Carnelian stone helps the child in excelling in field of arts or Sports. Children following their passion for Acting, Singing, Dancing or Painting etc. must wear Carnelian stone Pendant. Children interested in making career in sports should wear carnelian stone for success in sports.

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  • John Dev 21/04/2017 at 5:32 am

    Nice information shared. Truly I didn’t believe these things that the stone impacts in your lifestyle & help you. But when my colleague was in under depression her relatives suggested using Blue amber stone. She ordered that after 5 months she feels the changes. After that, I am also planning to use amber stone.

    • vikas 06/06/2017 at 11:00 am

      thanks for your feedback

  • vinita 06/09/2017 at 2:15 am

    jewellery of amber stone n tiger eye pendent for kid

    • Shubh Gems 06/09/2017 at 7:20 am

      Yes, We make Amber stone & Tiger Eye pendants. For Any Query, You can Live-chat with our Experts us at or call us at 8010-555-111. Thanks

  • Tatiana 04/12/2017 at 5:56 pm

    Hello.. Can the 8 years old child wear stones like black tourmaline and fluorite in small bracelets made from small stones?

    • Shubh Gems 10/12/2017 at 7:24 am

      Yes. Healing stones can be worn by people from all age Groups.

  • Chittajit Pathak 10/08/2018 at 10:41 am

    My daughter aged 5yrs old suffering from mild autistic syndromes. She is not able speak properly. What gemstone she can wear for healing to get rid of this problem. Please suggest as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous 24/02/2020 at 5:14 pm

    Can 9 year olds were the powerful moonstone necklace called Yellow Sapphire.

  • Feebee 07/05/2020 at 4:15 pm

    Can a 12 year old wears all three stones together, namely tiger’s eye, natural turqoise and citrine all in one necklace?

  • Andrea 20/06/2020 at 5:10 am

    Hi my 4 year old suffer from infections in throat all the time what is the best stone to help him heal . Thank you


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