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how to wear gemstone according to weight

How Much Weight (Ratti/Carat) should you wear?

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What is Ratti of Gemstone?

Ratti is the unit for measuring the weight of Gemstone. Each Ratti equals to 180 mg. Ratti is widely used unit in India for measuring weight of astrological gemstones.

How much Ratti of Gemstone should be worn?

While choosing the Weight of Gemstone, one must take 4 major points into consideration.

  • Body-Weight of the Wearer.
  • Quality of the Gemstone you are taking.
  • Stone should be big enough to make skin-contact while wearing.
  • Stone should not hamper regular Lifestyle.

Therefore, one might conclude that weight range of 4-8 Carat is most widely worn. Any stone below 4 Carat is too small to make skin-contact. Any stone above 8 Carat might become too bulky to handle.

Tip: When Budget is a constraint, It is advisable to choose lesser Weight with higher Quality than to choose more weight and Lesser Quality.

What is the Concept of Savaa, Saadhe and Pauna Ratti?

To Understand the Concept, We will have to assume that each ratti is divided in 100 parts. The Number following the decimal decides- Sava, Sadhe or Pauna.

  • The First 1/3rd portion, that is, from .01 to .35 is called ‘Sava’ or ‘Savaya’. For Example, 5.01,5.15,5.25 or 5.34 Ratti will be considered as Sava-Pannch Ratti.
  • The ‘Sadhe’ unit ranges from .35 to .75. For Example, 7.36, 7.40, 7.57, 7.63 Ratti etc will be considered Sadhe-Saat ratti.
  • Above 0.75 is Called ‘Pauna’. Example, 8.81, 7.95, 6.77 Ratti is called ‘Pauna’.
  • Pauna is always avoided in case of Astrological Gemstones.

What is ‘Kachchi-Ratti’ and ‘Pakki-Ratti’ ?

In Northern Parts of India, like Punjab and Haryana, The Ratti is considered to be equal to 120 mg. Standard Ratti elsewhere in India equals to 180 mg.

Example: 5 Kacchi-Ratti = 3.33 Pakki-Ratti = 3 Carat

To Avoid the Confusion, it is advisable to understand weight in Carats.

What is the Difference between Carat and Ratti?

Carat and Ratti both are the units for measuring weight of the Gems. One Carat equals to 200mg. Carat is an internationally used weight unit.

How to Convert Carat into Ratti?

1 Carat = 1.11 Ratti

1 Ratti = 0.90 Carat

Suggested Weights of Astrological Gemstones in Ratti and Carats.

Weight in Ratti Weight in Carat
Savaa 4 Ratti 4.00 to 4.35 Ratti 3.60 to 3.92 Carat
Saadhe 4 Ratti 4.36 to 4.75 Ratti 3.92 to 4.28 Carat
Savaa 5 Ratti 5.00 to 5.35 Ratti 4.50 to 4.82 Carat
Saadhe 5 Ratti 5.36 to 5.75 Ratti 4.83 to 5.20 Carat
Savaa 6 Ratti 6.00 to 6.35 Ratti 5.40 to 5.72 Carat
Saadhe 6 Ratti 6.35 to 6.75 Ratti 5.72 to 6.10 Carat
Savaa 7 Ratti 7.00 to 7.35 Ratti 6.30 to 6.62 Carat
Saadhe 7 Ratti 7.35 to 7.75 Ratti 6.63 to 7.00 Carat
Savva 8 Ratti 8.00 to 8.35 Ratti 7.20 to 7.52 Carat
Saadhe 8 Ratti 8.35 to 8.75 Ratti 7.52 to 7.90 Carat


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    My age 25 weight 52 how many carat or ratti should I wear ruby

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      7 ratti

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    Question is should we use astrological ratti or sunari ratti while wearing gemstones. You took the question to carat ratti making it muddling. Keep your answer to question that while purchasing gemstone which ratti should we consider astrological (182) or sunari (121)???

  • Madhu 24/01/2019 at 8:20 pm

    I am 27 my weight is 70, how many carats of blue saphire ceylon i should wear.

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    my age is 27 and weight is 65 ,how many ratti feroza should i wear?

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    I am 42 yrs old , my body weight approx will be 90 kg, how much carat of Ruby i shd wear.. pls advise

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