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Best Quality Opal Stone Price

How to identify high-quality Opal stone and its Price?

Opal is the stone of fire which brings happiness and love into your life. It is the most colourful stone among all the gemstones. Opal means Opallios in Greek language and it means to perceive a change in colour. If you love colours and want to take some astrological benefits from them then you must try Opal gemstone.

According to astrology, opal is the stone of richness, charm, beauty and elegance. It gives you all the luxuries of life.

Gemstone planet

Venus is the ruling planet of Opal. This planet signifies luxuries, richness, beauty, love and materialistic comfort. It makes a person satisfied in his life. Businessman and people who are working in fields like tourism, travel, exports and imports should wear the stone of Venus. It is also a substance of Diamond. It is the birthstone for the people who born in October month.

Benefits of Opal gemstone

  • If you are suffering from marital problems and conflicts then Opal stone can help you to overcome from this issue. It will increase the love between husband and wife.
  • Those people who are not happy with their marital affair can wear opal stone to resolve all the issues in the relationship. This stone has the power to reduce the pain and sorrow of your love life.
  • Who works in the field of movies, glamour, fashion and fine arts should wear the stone of Venus. It helps them to make their career and achieve success in professional life.
  • This stone can open the ways of your love. It is the best gemstone that can be your helper.
  • If you desire luxury, comfort, happiness and good luck into your life, you should wear Opal stone.
  • Opal is a beneficial stone for health problems also. If a person is suffering nightmares, disorders and restlessness then he should wear opal gemstone. This will get rid of sleeplessness.
  • This stone will enhance the function of the Urinary system in the human body. It will remove toxins from the body. This is the stone which can balance the hormonal secretions in the body.

Opal stone Price

Opal gemstone price is depending upon its quality and colour. Fire opal stone price starts from 900 Rs per carat to 5000 Rs per carat. You should know that this stone is known for its fire quality and if it has the absence of fire then it may be considered low and synthetic stone. If there is any crack in opal stone then it means this stone lost its moisture almost.

Varieties of Opal stone

Opal stone is available in opaque or glassy opals which have waxy lustre on it. Opal stone is available in a wide range of colours. Opal is known to its fire. Any colour of Opal that displays fire is considered high-quality opal gemstone. Opal stone has wide variety like white opal, black opal, water opal, crystal opal, milk opal, fire opal, boulder opals, contra luz opals, moss opals, hydrophane opals, geyserite, jasper opals, prase opals, menilites, liver opals, resin opals, iron opals, wax opal and star opal etc. Opal stone price depends upon its quality and variety.

How to identify Opal stone quality

As we mentioned above that, opal gemstone price widely depends on its quality and colour. If you purchase original and natural opal stone then it must be high in cost. Natural opal stones are rare, beautiful and highly expensive. However, to attract the customers, stones heated and prepared in laboratories. These types of stone are considered synthetic and low-quality stones.

Doublet opals are also available in the market. In this, two opals are adjoining together to form one opal stone. In doublet, the high-quality skin of opal stone is pasted on a synthetic and low-quality gemstone. Always buy a certified gemstone from Gemological Laboratory. It ensures the quality of the stone.

How to wear Opal stone

Venus is the ruling planet of Opal stone. Hence, it should be worn on Friday. You can wear this stone as a ring or pendant. One should wear opal stone in the Index finger of right hand. Women can wear it in the right or left hand. Silver preferred for opal stone. To attain astrological benefits from stone, it should be activated, energized, and cleaned. You can also buy energized and activated opal stones from Shubh Gems.

Where to Buy High-quality opal stone?

You can purchase high-quality stones at Shubh Gems. We offer customized Opal rings and pendants or stone jewellery as per the choice of customers. You should remember this thing that only natural and high-quality gemstones gives you astrological benefits. So, always buy natural and high-quality Opal stone.

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