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Gemstone for Body builders and fitness enthusiasts?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsGemstone for Body builders and fitness enthusiasts?
Aman Chawla asked 4 years ago

Is there any gemstone that can help me in bodybuilding, muscle build-up? Some supplements and steroids leave side-effects, I want to know if any stone can help in this.

1 Answers
Hindkush Shastri answered 4 years ago

Serpentine stone helps in Muscle Growth, Fitness and Muscle Strength. In Hindi, Serpentine stone is called Zeher-mohra. It detoxifies the body and helps the body to rejects the toxins. You can wear Lapis Lazuli along with Serpentine if you have Hormonal Imbalance issue. In most cases, Wearing Serpentine solves the purpose for most of the fitness freaks. You can wear it as Ring or Pendant or a Bracelet.

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