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Gemstone for Diabetic patients?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsGemstone for Diabetic patients?
Rakesh Sharma asked 4 years ago

Which Gemstone can help to cure Diabetes? My birth details are not accurate. I have issues regarding Blood-sugar Control as it fluctuates a lot.

1 Answers
Praveen answered 4 years ago

Malachite Stone is the best stone for Diabetes. It is also called Kidney Stone. It is very beneficial for people suffering from Diabetes, Stomach Infections and Disorders related to Kidney & Liver. It is also beneficial for de-addiction and hence if you are addicted to Alcohol, Drugs or junk-food, then it will help a lot.
Malachite can be worn as one single big stone in a Ring or a Pendant or it can be worn as a cluster of many small sized beads in Bracelet.

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