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gemstone recommendation for speech problem

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sony bag asked 4 years ago

Namaste sir,
My son is today 4yrs old.But still he is not speaking clearly.He is having speech delay. Again he is not agreed to to write at all.When I am teaching him to write Alphabets he is running away saying that “mama dont want write”. Is there any stone/ healing crystal that will help my son to speak clearly, to listen to what we are saying him to do, to learn faster, to boost his confidence? As I have heard that if mercury is bad then kids are having speech problem. Please suggest me something that my son can overcome these obstacles. Thank you.

1 Answers
Divya Pathak answered 4 years ago

Aquamarine is a Great stone for Children with problems with Speech, Writing and Expressing. Strong planetary stones (like Emerald) are not suggested for Kids. 

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