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Mr Ashok Walimbe

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Ashok Walimbe asked 3 years ago

DOB 4 March 1966, Time 06:16:10 Place Mumbai, Maharashtra
I am IT person, asked to leave job and thereafter from Jan 2013 no job. Got job in Spain but again lasted for 1 month (Dec 1 to 31Dec 2013). Since worked at senior level, no one wants to give me a job. Approached few astrologers but THEY FAILED. I am 52 yrs and wife is earning so bit a relief but I am at home seating and nothing doing and earning. I lost all faith in god and astrology. This is last I am writting to any pundit whether you can show me my road map.  What I should do in future (as not getting job and not enough money to start any business). Take it as a challenge and guide me with your best of your knowledge.

1 Answers
SHUBH GEMS answered 3 years ago

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