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Regarding Kundali and gemstone

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsRegarding Kundali and gemstone
Deepa Pandey asked 3 years ago

Hi My Birth detail is,
Name: Deepa Pandey

DOB: 01-07-88
Birth time ; 12:28 pm 
Birth place – Haridwar (Uttarakhand)
As per pandits my kundali says I have sani sade sati for whole life and rahu dasha also I am anshik mangalik. They suggested me to wear panna, neelam and diamond. 
I would like to know if this information is correct also do i really need to worry about all these dosha, and what precautions i should follow as my major problem is I never get what i want even i work hard. Some thing (destiny) will took me to towards NO. also I am not getting settle in my professional life and not even getting my marriage done. 

1 Answers
Shubh Gems answered 3 years ago
  • Sade Sati is called so because it lasts for 7.5 years. Sade-Sati cannot happen for more than that time.
  • Secondly, None of the Kundli can be Dosh-free. Every Kundli will have some other Dosha, Some Yogas. So instead of Panicking, one must focus on the Remedies.
  • Astrologers can guide you in the right direction with Cautions and Warnings. Astrologer’s role is to give you Guidance and Hope. If any astrologers see only negatives in a kundli, fails to guide you, fails to provide a practical Remedy or give you hope then you must consult another astrologer. Negativity will only attract more negativity. Focus only on Good Karma and the remedies suggested by a good Astrologer.

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