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which stone for controlling anger?

QuestionsCategory: Questionswhich stone for controlling anger?
Jagdish K Khaitan asked 4 years ago

I lose my temper very easily. When I get angry, I become very Violent and aggressive. it happens quite frequently and i have hurt myself and others several times. My anger has costed me a lot psychologically, Socially, personally, professionally. I want to get sober and stable.

3 Answers
Sapna Desai answered 4 years ago

You should wear Rainbow Moonstone. It gives Peace of Mind and Emotional control. It makes the person Calm, Composed & Intelligent. 

Amritaansh Dubey answered 4 years ago

Pearl or Rainbow Moonstone can solve such problems very well. Pearls which are mostly available in the market are Cultured or if they are natural then they are very expensive. 

navpreet answered 3 years ago

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