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What is the substitute for yellow Sapphire?

QuestionsCategory: YELLOW SAPPHIREWhat is the substitute for yellow Sapphire?
Pankaj Gupta asked 3 years ago

i want to know what is the Best substitute of yellow sapphire. 

2 Answers
Pandit Badrinath Mishra answered 3 years ago

Citrine (Sunela) is the Best Substitute for Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj). Substitutes are worn when there is a Budget constraint and one cannot afford the main stone. However, Substitutes gives only a little effect as compared to main stone.
Just Like Citrine, Yellow Topaz is also a substitute for Yellow Sapphire.
Substitute are worn generally due to Budget Constraint. In that case, Topaz is not a good substitute because Topaz is as expensive as Yellow Sapphire.
But in Market, many traders sell off Citrine in the name of Topaz, as they both look same to the unsuspecting customer. Citrine and Topaz are two DIFFERENT stones altogether.
As an informed customer, Always check for Lab-certificate from a reliable Laboratory before buying any Gemstones.

Khanna Gems answered 2 years ago

Instead of searching alternative for yellow sapphire or pukhraj you need to just consult expert that according to your kundli or numerology which sapphire is suitable for you.

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