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How to Wear Yellow Sapphire Stone?

QuestionsCategory: YELLOW SAPPHIREHow to Wear Yellow Sapphire Stone?
Baishakhi Sen asked 3 years ago

My DOB is 5.5.81. Please suggest the size of Yellow Sapphire I should wear and what would be the optimum price to get a quality stone.

1 Answers
Rao answered 3 years ago

Yellow Sapphire should be Worn on Thursday during Sunrise or under other Auspicious Mahurt of the Day. It should be made in Gold or Panchdhatu Ring. The Ring should be worn in Index Finger. Men should wear it in Right Hand while Women have a choice to wear in either Left or Right Hand.
before Wearing, Dip the Ring in Raw Cow milk or Ganga-Jal and wear while Chanting the Brihaspati Mantra- Om Brihm Brihaspataye Namah’. If feasible for you, Continue Chanting for 108 times. Follow it with Lighting a Lamp (Diya) under Banana Tree and offering Prayers along with Turmeric/Turmeric Powder. observing Fast on day of wearing is also auspicious. Listen or Chant ‘Vishnu-Sahastranaam’, If possible- Everyday atleast once.

I hope the Readers will find this piece of Information useful as well as Easy to understand. I wish for the Wellness and prosperity of every human being. 


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