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white opal

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wadih asked 3 years ago

how many carat of australian white fire opal should i wear for 120 kilogram weight.??? there is 6.22 carat about 242 dollar ,and 3.47 about 243 dollar,which one iz better for me and my weight???

1 Answers
Shashank Singh answered 3 years ago

Fire Opal is a great Stone. Look for its quality rather than its quantity (Weight). A 5-7 carat size is decent enough but you must go for Good Quality. Good Quality in Opal means:

  • The Presence of Fire 
  • Primary Colour of Opal should be white (Opal comes in all colours, including Black)
  • Stone should be symmetrical
  • Should not have Black or Dark Spots
  • Should not be Cracked
  • Should not be artificially Treated

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