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Significance of Weight (Ratti), Inclusions & Color of Gemstone in Astrology

The Rules of Astrology are clearly described in our ancient scriptures. Astrological Remedies are in the form of Mantra (Yagna), Aushadhi (Medicine) and Mani (Gemstones). Mantra, Medicine and Gemstones possess the power to cure all the diseases and Problems of the Human life. Gemstones are worn as per the planetary positions in the Horoscope and depending on the issues faced by the native. The guidelines are laid down regarding the selection of gemstone and the procedure to wear for astrological benefits.

Vedic Astrology gives further description about what parameters must be seen in a gemstone to make it most suitable for astrological purpose. Shubh Gems has collection Certified Natural Gemstones direct from Mines. All Gemstones are Laboratory tested for authenticity & verified for astrological benefits.

Inclusions in Gemstones

Each Natural Gemstone has inclusions. These inclusions develop within the gemstone during it’s growth under natural conditions. These inclusions can be considered as Birthmarks. These inclusions can be of many types. Vedic astrology clearly defines the type of inclusions, which are acceptable or not acceptable in a gemstone. The information about gemology available in Scriptures from ancient times is exemplary. It is beyond imagination to understand how our ancestors did the study of Gemstones at such microscopic level.

Nature of inclusions in a gemstone plays a vital role in selection. Small & light colored inclusions which don’t distract the flow of light & energy within the stone are acceptable. But black spots or Dark-colored inclusions and Surface cracks are not acceptable. Dark spots/inclusions absorb most of the energy that was supposed to transmit and ultimately heal or cure the body. Surface cracks also disturb the energy flow and degrade the benefits. Shubh Gems has team of Gemstone experts who guide you to choose the Gemstone with permissible inclusions for best astrological results.

Weight of Gemstone

The Weight of stone is also taken into consideration while wearing a gemstone for astrological purpose. Stones are always worn in Sava or Sadhe Ratti in Weight. Sava or Sadhe Ratti refers to range between .00 to .66 following the decimal in the weight value of the stone. For Example, Sava/Sadhe Paanch Ratti stone should weigh between 5.00 to 5.66 Ratti. The Value beyond this range that is 5.67-5.99 is called ‘Pauna’. These Pauna weight of stones should be avoided.
The belief can be interpreted as follows. Values in Sava and Sadhe rattis are considered ‘in excess of’ a particular value while Pauna is considered ‘lacking in’. Consider Sava Saat Ratti, It can be interpreted as weight in excess of 7 ratti. Now think about Pauna ratti, Paune Saat Ratti can be interpreted as some value short of Eight ratti.

Color of Gemstone

Astrology gives utmost importance to Color of Gemstone. Interestingly, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire & Ruby come from same mineral family ‘Corundum’. All three have same Physical, Optical Properties and even have same basic chemical composition; only difference is their Color.  As per Indian Astrology, Yellow Sapphire corresponds to Planet Jupiter, Blue Sapphire corresponds to Saturn and Ruby corresponds to sun. This highlights the importance of Gemstone color in Astrology. Two different color of stones from the same family totally changes its Planetary effect.

Also, Gemstone color intensity should be optimum, neither too light nor too dark. Any color, if it is too light, will appear to be near colorless and if too dark, appears to be almost black.

Ideally, each Gemstone should have pure hue of color without any secondary color tones, which is considered its most desirable color. But, when the Gemstones are mined, they come in variety of mixed Color tones. Few Color tones are not attractive & are less desirable. For Example, When Sapphire is mined, not all sapphire have perfect blue hue, but secondary tones like purple, grey are common. Similarly Ruby should have Pure Red hue, but it can come in less desirable, less attractive Yellowish Red or Purplish Red.  Ruby with Pure Red hue gives the best astrological results than Ruby with mixed hues. So, always choose gemstone with perfect hue, without undesirable secondary color tones.

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