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How to check if Gemstone is Real?

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Gemstones are rare, precious and beautiful and thus come at a very high price. But due to less awareness, one might end-up buying Synthetic or Fake gemstone. Gemstones are used for astrological as well as Jewelry purposes. High Value, increasing demand and scarcity of Gemstones offers an opportunity for fraudulent Dealers to supply synthetic, Fake Gemstones and Treated Stones. Lack…

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Gemstone Treatments, Detection & Disclosure of Treatments in Gemstones

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Gemstones are naturally occurring precious minerals, which are formed over millions of years under natural conditions. Gemstone Rocks are extracted from their mines and gemstones are cut from rough rocks. These Cut-Gems vary widely in their Quality, in terms of various Parameters like Color, Transparency, and Inclusions etc. Good Colored and Clear Gemstones command higher prices. Low Quality Gemstones are…

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