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Best stone for Shukra ( Venus ) Planet…Diamond, White Sapphire or Opal

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Which is the best stone for Shukra (Venus) Planet?…Diamond, White Sapphire or Opal Stone. Each Planet of the planetary system is designated with a Planetary Stone. For Example, Blue Sapphire for Saturn, Ruby for Sun, Pearl for Moon, Emerald for Mercury and so on. Similarly, Venus (Shukra) is also designated with its Planetary Stone. But there is an exception to…

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Preferred Astrological Substitutes for Diamond

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Diamond is the Astrological Stone corresponding to Planet Venus. it is Birthstone for People born in April. It is one of the Nine major astrological stones. Due to the Price, People prefer to wear Astrological-Substitute of Diamond than the Natural Diamond itself. On an Average, People are prescribed to wear Diamond in the range of 1-2 Carat weight. A Medium Quality 1-2 Carat…

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