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Tips to Buy Astrological Gemstones

Gemstones are Nature’s Wonderful and Beautiful Gift to Mankind. Since Ages People have been fascinated with the Aura, Beauty and Healing Powers of Gems. Most of the Gemstones are formed within the Earth under natural conditions & it takes millions& billions of years for their Formation, hence they are believed to possess un-matched energies that can be used in healing- Spiritual, Emotional & Physical deficiencies.

These days a lot of people are using Healing Crystals and Astrological Gemstones for various purposes and getting Benefits too. These effects are a result of Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy & Mystic Powers that they possess. Each Gem has particular Color, Energy Level & Vibrations, so each one is unique in its own way. It is very important to choose the right Gemstone as per the requirement. But today the market is flooded with Synthetics (Man-made), Simulants (look-alikes), or Treated Gemstones. Most of the Gemstones in market are treated for ‘Color & Clarity enhancement’to improve their outer appearance, which can fetch higher market price. During these treatments, which are done at very high Temperature & Pressure, The Gemstones lose their Natural Energy and Aura. Only 100% Natural & Untreated Gems can give satisfactory astrological results.

We, at Shubh Gems, are passionate about Gemstones & Natural crystals. We have a team of Gem Experts who collect best of the Gems from best sources (Mines) after careful Examination. We design stylish & elegant customized Gemstone Rings & jewelry for Men and Women. We have a Collection of rare to rarest of Gemstones like Burmese Ruby, Columbian & Zambian Emeralds, Kashmir& Ceylon Sapphires, Australian Opals, Iranian Turquoise,South Sea & Basra Pearls. We have Technical Collaboration with ‘GJI Gemological & jewellery’ ( Testing & Certification of Gemstones.
GJI Gemological Laboratory is a trusted name for the last 15 years for Testing, Certification & Consultation of Gemstones & Diamonds. GJI has been creating awareness & Imparting knowledge to the Customers that is useful for choosing the right Gemstone.


• Is the Gemstone 100% Natural, Synthetic or look-alike? Ask for authentication report from a reputed laboratory.
• Is the Gemstone treated or untreated?Confirm with report.
• Choose stone with good Shape & Symmetry. In un-symmetrical stones there is improper flow of energy.
• Is the Gemstone Used Before?
• Is the Price worth its quality?
• Is the color Tone Perfect? For example, Pigeon’s blood color in Ruby is considered ideal.
• The Gemstone should have permissible level of inclusions. Like- Dark included crystals are considered negative.
• The Gemstones should not have fractures, Chippings & other surface abrasions.
• Pricing of Gemstones is a matter of comparison of Quality. So, seethe stone carefully for its color tone, transparency & finish.
• Wear the Gemstone in the designated/suggested metal only.
• The Stone has to be properly activated & energized for best astrological Results.

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