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What are Burmese Pearls and why should you avoid them?

Pearl quality depends on a variety of natural factors like salinity, temperature, Nutrients in Sea and weather conditions. South Sea (Australia) produces the finest sea-water pearls in the world. With the overgrowing popularity of South Sea Australian Pearls, many other seas were explored to produce equally fine variety of Pearls. The Quality of pearl varies from one region to another.

Burma (Now Myanmar) was also one good source for fine quality pearls, however the disturbed political conditions lead to the fall of Pearl business before it even became popular. Nowadays, any pearl that comes from Myanmar (Burma) or nearby regions are called Burmese Pearls. This has caused a recent trend of Fresh Water pearl cultivation using Chinese production techniques in the neighbouring areas. These Fresh Water pearls are sold as Burmese Pearls. However, Burmese Pearls ideally refers to only seawater pearls. Now, Even the fresh water chinese pearls are sold as Burmese Pearls.

Why should you prefer South Sea Australian Pearl over Burmese Pearl?

South Sea Pearls from Australia comes through a legal channel and after strict quality controls. Therefore, it is more advisable to buy South Sea Pearls from Australia. Burmese Pearls comes through Grey market (without strict legal procedures) and often mixed with other inferior varieties like Chinese pearls. Burma could not produce pearls on a commercial scale and hence pearls produced in nearby areas in the fresh water are being sold as Burmese pearls.
With the Similar pricing, It is more logical to buy Australian South Sea Pearl rather than Burmese fresh water pearl.

Why is Burmese pearl famous?

There is lack of knowledge in market and among customers about Burmese pearls. This leaves a lot of scope for dealers to sell low cost inferior pearls as Burmese Pearls at a higher price. Therefore, Dealers and suppliers promote Burmese pearls in the market.

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