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Which is the best Type of Pearl Stone – black, golden or white pearl

Pearlstone is a beautiful white gemstone and it represents Queen in astrology. Pearlstone is also known as Queen of Sea. The best thing about Pear stone benefits is that it does not give malefic effect to the wearer.

Pearl is commonly known as Moti Ratna in astrology terms. In this article, you will read about the various types of Pearl gemstones, benefits of Pearl, Rituals or Wearing Methods of Pearl and how you can buy high-quality gemstone. So, read the article till the end.

Moon is the ruling planet of Pearl. Many people wear Pearl stone ring as it enhances their personality and outer beauty. Let’s talk about the various and different aspects of Pearl gemstone.

Pearl stone connection with Moon

Pearl is the lucky stone of Moon and moon signifies mental stability and psyche. To increase the beneficial effects of Moon, people should wear Pearlstone. The most important thing about this stone is that you can embed it in beautiful jewellery. pearl stone necklaces are hot in demand in the Gemstone Jewellery market. Anyone can wear this beautiful white magical stone.

Types of Pearl Stone

There are two basic varieties of Pearl stone is available – freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater Pearls grown in man-made lakes and Saltwater Pearls gemstones are found in the sea. Saltwater Pearl is considered best and high-quality gemstones.

White pearls are the third most popular and expensive type but this stone is also available in blue, silver and gold colour. Most people prefer White pearl stone. Black and a golden shade of Pearl stone are also very famous among Gemstone jewellery lovers. Golden pearl stone is the most attractive type of this gemstone.

Let’s take a deep look at different types of Moti stone and What does Pearl Stone do?

1. White Pearl

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White Akoya, white south sea and white freshwater are basically three types of this stone. White pearl stone can be as small as 1-0-2.0 mm seed pearls and the very largest size of this stone is 20.0 mm sizes. In astrology, white colour of Pearl stone is associated with purity, honesty and respect.  White pearls are ideal in pearl jewellery. White pearl stone necklace has been a hallmark of perfection and beauty.

Benefits of Wearing White Pearlstone

For mental stability: Pearls are found in depth of the sea and they are a gift if nature. This beautiful Pearlstone is connected with the Moon and this is the ruler of mind, well-being and fortune of the person. When the Moon is placed in malefic position, it will cause mental instability and stress to the native. By wearing White Pearl gemstone, one can get relief from mental stress and sickness.

Fertility power: It is said that Pearlstone has the power to increase fertility. Those women who are suffering from infertility, menstrual and hormonal problems, should wear this stone. If you are thinking that which finger to wear pearl stone then you must follow the guideline for wearing this stone. White Moti stone must be worn in the little finger. Women should also follow this rule. It can help in counter with menstrual problems and also promote fertility power.

Eyesight: Yes, malefic Moon will affect the eyesight of the native but Pearl stone can remove the all illness related to eyes. Eye dryness, Diabetic eye and cataract could also be treated by this magical stone.

For children: This stone is very good and beneficial for children, especially those below the age of 12. If your child is constantly suffering from any kind of disease or illness or fall sick easily, you should recommend a White Pearlstone.

Strong and Healthy Heart: White Pearl stone keep the heart strong and healthy. It is said that Pearlstone benefits water reduced illness and maintains the balance of water in the body. White pearl is also beneficial for Pneumonia.

Other diseases: Pearlstone gives relief from throat, intestines and stomach related ailments. It promotes positive energy in the body and strengthens the mind. White Pearl stone acts like a nectar for those people who are very aggressive in nature.

Pearl can improve your health with its soothing effects. One can wear Pearl stone ring to get the highest benefits from it. Pearl in combination with rudraksha helps to resolve problems related to depression.

Price of white pearl

Price of white pearl stone is depending upon the shape, size, symmetry, colour and finish of the stone. White pearl gemstone price range starts from Rs 200 per carat and goes up to 30,000 Rs per carat. Price of Pearl is widely depending on its quality and colour. Gemstones with crack and dullness are low in price but they are considered low in quality and they might do not give any astrological benefits to the wearer.

2. Golden Pearl stone

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Golden Pearlstone is connected to Jupiter and Moon together. This stone will give benefits of both the planets together. In ancient times, Queens worn golden pearl gemstone jewellery and still their necklaces can be found in the museum.  Emperors used this stone to serve the wine to the guests. Golden pearl is best for delay in marriage, marriage related problems and conflicts between husband and wife.

Benefits of Wearing Golden pearl

Delay in Marriage: If Jupiter is weak in birth chart then it will cause a delay in marriage and create problems in marriage proposals. Native might face problems in finding the right partner for them due to the affliction of Jupiter planet. To please the Jupiter and avoid the problems coming in the way of marriage proposals. Native should wear Golden pearl stone.

Marriage conflicts: Sometimes, family or other issues may create trouble and problems in married life. When Jupiter gives malefic effect then the native will face problems in their marital life. A partner might start to doubt the loyalty of the person. But Golden Pearl gemstone can resolve this problem in just a few weeks.

Increase love between husband and wife: Golden Pearl is connected, Jupiter and Moon. Hence, this stone could increase the love between husband and wife. Moon makes a person cool and calm at difficult circumstances and Jupiter increases the prosperity and peace in a marital relationship. Both the husband and wife should wear this golden gemstone.

Price of Golden pearl stone

Golden Pearl is very expensive and beautiful. Pearlstone price is widely depending upon its quality and brightness. Golden pearl gemstone price range starts from Rs 1500 per carat and goes up to 50,000 Rs per carat, as per Indian market standard.

3. Black Pearl

Buy Black Pearl Stone

Dark and exotic black pearl stone have captured the imagination of women and men. Black pearls are hundred times rarer than golden and white pearl gemstones. Black Pearls are the rarest colour of this stone. They have higher the lustre of a Pearlstone. According to mythology, black pearl is associated with wealth and peace in life.

Benefits of Wearing Black pearl

It is said that Black pearl stone brings good luck, fortune and abundance in the life of the wearer. It protects from sudden death, accidents and mishappenings. People who are suffering from loss or financial crisis in business should wear this Black pearl gemstone. They can wear black pearl stone ring.

Women gain immense confidence and sense of beauty after wearing this black stone. According to astrology, black pearls have healing properties to heal the illness or diseases within the human body.  This pearl calms the temper and anger of a person. It makes a person optimistic and removes the thoughts related to a pessimist.

Wearing a Pearl stone necklace or ring will protect the pregnant women from evil eyes and negativities. If a woman is full of negative emotions and thoughts then wearing a black pearl will absorb the negative energy into the pearl stone.

Black pearl is also beneficial for health-related issues. It can relief from digestive ailments, hormonal disorders, migraine, headaches and exhaustion. It will help lessen the allergies and its effects. Simply wearing a pearl stone necklace could cure of a headache. It heals a common cold, respiratory infection and bronchitis.

To amplify and purify the healing properties of Black pearl stone, you can combine it with diamond or any other gemstone.

Price of Black Pearl

A strand of Black pearl stone can cost from 1666 Rs per carat and goes up to 50,000 Rs and above. Black pearls are very rare, so they are very expensive and rarely available in Gemstone market.

Rituals or Wearing Methods of Pearl

What does Pearl Stone do?

Pearlstone is found in ocean beds. People can wear this stone for astrology benefits and jewellery purpose. Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer sign and due to this Pearl is the lucky stone for Cancer natives. Pearl gemstone has the capability to heal the health, wealth and luck. Wearing Pearl stone by pregnant woman help in easing the pain of childbirth.

Which finger to wear pearl stone?

According to Vedic astrology, Pearlstone ring should be worn in the little finger of the right hand on Monday. Auspicious metal for this stone is silver. Pearl gemstone is worn as Pendant, necklace or ring. Only undrilled pearl stones are effective for astrological benefits.

Where to buy

Rare and natural Pearl gemstones are considered the best and high quality. Pearl should be preferably smooth, round and free of spots. They must have no chemical or heat treated otherwise they might be useless. To attain the desired benefits from Pearlstone, one should wear high quality and natural gemstone. Shubh Gems offered a wide range of Natural and Certified Pearl and Pearlstone jewellery. We specialize in customized designed Pearl stone jewellery as per customer choice.

Pearl stone has the ability and power to enhance the mental ability of a person. People who are suffering from mental illness and not mentally unstable, should wear this magical white Pearl stone. It is said that Pearl bring balance between mind and soul and control anger, aggressiveness and depression. Anyone can wear this stone even without the consultation of an astrologer. Pearl has no ill or bad effects and it makes it different and most preferable gemstone. Pearl should be wear on Monday at night and you must purchase high quality and original Pearl stone.


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