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Which Ruby is the best for Astrological Benefit- African Ruby or Burmese Ruby?

Which Ruby is the best for Astrological Benefit- African Ruby or Burmese Ruby?

For Astrological purpose one must understand that there are strict guidelines about the gemstone. Only the Gemstone which can fulfill the criteria, are suitable for astrological purpose. The Criteria is as follows:

  1. The Gemstone should be Un-unsed: Gemstones which are used for astrological purpose should be fresh and not worn by anyone before. When a gemstone is worn, it absorbs negative energies of the wearer. If a worn stone is worn by someone, then the negative effects may be borne by the wearer. Used stone should be avoided.
  2. The Gemstone should make contact with Skin: When a gemstone is worn, the gemstone must make constant contact through the skin of the wearer. Therefore, The Rings made for astrological benefits are designed accordingly. Skin contact is not possible if the gemstone is too small. Hence, the gemstone should have the optimum size (weight). Ideal weight for Ring is above 4 carats.
  3. The Gemstone should be in natural form, it should not be treated: Treated Gemstones are very common in market as they are more appealing in appearance than the untreated ones. But during the harsh treatment, the whole internal structure of the Gemstones changes and it loses its energy. Treated gemstones are not suitable for astrological benefits. Treated Gems are only fit for jewellery purpose.

African Rubies are the most sought-after rubies in the world today. They are preferred over Burmese Rubies for multiple reasons. The reason for their popularity are as follows:

  1. The Pricing is logical and affordable. Rubies from other sources like Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka are rare and therefore their pricing is bidding-based and thus exorbitant. Burmese Ruby might be a collectors dream but for astrological purpose, it is too much of investment. Bidding/auction-based pricing does not offer logical pricing.
  2. Deep Red Colour: The African Rubies exhibit a deep Saturated red colour which is a desirable colour for Astrological purpose. The Burmese Rubies are mostly Pinkish Red.
  3. Availability: There are active mining sites in Africa which supplies freshly-mined fine quality rubies. However, The Mining is stopped in Burma as the mines are now exhausted. The supply from Burma is also largely stopped due to political conditions there. The Currently available pieces of Burmese rubies are old, mostly taken out from the old jewellery pieces to be sold again. The renders Burmese ruby unsuitable for astrological purpose.
  4. Size: Burmese rubies are mostly found in small sizes. African rubies are available in all possible sizes. The ring sizes (between 4 carat to 8 carat) are easily available.
  5. No Treatment: African rubies have inherent good colour and thus these are not treated. On the Other hand, Burmese rubies are often treated to deepen their colour to make it proper Red.

These days, Treated rubies are given the name of ‘New Burmese ruby’. Such Rubies are mostly from Thailand but they are given a misleading name. Customers often get confused between Burmese and New-Burmese Rubies. New Burmese Rubies are name given to Treated rubies only. 



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