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Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj Stone ) Price Guide

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There are a significant place and importance of yellow sapphire gemstone in the name of gemstones especially that have astrological benefits and healing properties associated with them. A yellow sapphire or “Pukhraj”, as it is popularly and commonly known in Hindi is advised to be worn to people who have weak placement of the planet Jupiter in their natal charts. So, if you are also advised one or if you want to buy it for some other reason, the one thing that you must keep in your mind is to know its fair price in the market.

The yellow sapphire gemstone comes in a wide variety of yellow colour that ranges from pale yellow to deep yellow and its price in the market is dependent on various factors such as its shape, colour, origin, carat and of course the quality. But, because generally people are not aware of how the pricing is done for this gemstone, most of them end up paying a heavy price for not so authentic and real pukhraj. To help you better and to make a wise choice while purchasing a yellow sapphire in the market, below is a list of factors that influence and play a role in the overall pricing of the yellow sapphire gemstone:

The most important thing to keep in mind while making a purchase is to know and check the 4C’s of the gemstone, which are commonly known as the colour, carat, clarity and cut of the yellow sapphire. It is based on these important criteria, that the pricing of mostly every gemstone in the market is done.

Factors influencing the price of Yellow sapphire Stone in the Market:


One of the most basic, yet important criteria that influences and adds up to the overall price of the yellow sapphire gemstone is its place of origin. The most demanded and popular yellow sapphires are found and originated in Myanmar (Burma), Ceylon (Sri lanka), Thailand (Bangkok), and Madagascar.

It is from these notable locations, the yellow sapphire stone would cost the highest for its premium quality and rare finish and texture. However, it is believed that the highest quality of yellow sapphire gemstones are found and originated in the mines of Ratnapura, located in Sri Lanka. The colour and sheen of the yellow sapphire coming from these mines is beyond comparable because of its highest quality and therefore are priced high in the market.

Generally, in India, a yellow sapphire from Ceylon, Sri Lanka would cost somewhere around Rs. 2000 per carart to Rs. 30,000 per


This is because of the deep yellow colour of the Sri Lankan yellow sapphire which makes its best to be used in the astrological purposes and shoots up its value and price in the market. However, a yellow sapphire from Burma would not be in much value in India because of its non-suitability in astrological uses.


As told earlier, there is a huge variation in the colour pattern of the yellow sapphire gemstone and it usually comes in a range of deep yellow to pale yellow hues in the market. In astrology, the most yellow, that is a deeper and brighter yellow sapphire will only be used as a “pukraj” stone otherwise the pale yellow ones do not hold much of demand and significance in astrological purposes. Therefore, the brightest and illuminated yellow sapphire will be costing much higher, especially in India for its astrological uses.


When it comes to the clarity and transparency in the gemstone of yellow sapphire, it takes a lead as compared to the other gemstones. It is because the stone of yellow sapphire tends to fewer lines and inclusions in itself which makes it all the more clear. But having said so, it doesn’t literally mean that finding an eye clean Pukhraj is an easy task. There is a type 2 in the clarity of yellow sapphires and it is usually because these have faint feathery marks or even fingerprints in them. According to gemology experts, the one with better clarity and transparency will be priced higher as compared to the one with faint marks.

In Indian market, the pricing of a highly transparent, clear and no visible imperfections type yellow sapphire stones can easily fetch a good price of Rs. 30,000 per carat to Rs. 1 lakh per carat for their supreme and high quality.

Carat Weight:

Carat weight is another of the most important factor that plays a big role in chalking out the overall price of yellow sapphire stone in the market. Generally, this stone is sold as per the carat (ratti) basis in the market. Therefore, the price per carat of the gemstone significantly increases by increasing its carat value. For people who are not aware and take 1 carat as 1 ratti, please note that 1 carat=0.9 ratti.

Now, by considering the above-mentioned factors you can easily make a smart and wise choice to select the best suitable yellow sapphire as per your need and its real authentic market value.


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